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I especially enjoy working with self made damascus steel, Mokume Gane and other materials out of non-ferrous and noble metal. A blade created in all steps by myself starting from gathering ore to the finished tool is an extraordinary object, connected to many memories.

Please, click on pictures to enlarge.

Maik Salzmann Damascus rings auf 350 mL

Damascus rings

Left one layered damascus steel in 3 different densities, though  the difference is not very visible. Right one filled basket weave  mosaic. Tool steels for knifemaking, therefore non-stainless, i am  curious for the patina development. Both projects provided new ideas, i  crave for more workshop time.




Composed of 6 bars, two twisted for the snake, 3 fillings and 200 layers upright for the cutting edge. Copper and reindeer antler. The  tiny black spot below the blade middle is a mockery of the universe that knows too well that i am a perfectionist. Invisible after welding it  sneaked up while i was happily hollow grinding the edge. As the spot  still has pointy corners it was obviously insoluble by the flux, I  wonder what it is.

Maik Salzmann Sixbarsnake auf 350 mL

Maik Salzmann Sixbarsnake closeup auf 350 mL



Maik Salzmann Illerup I auf 350 mL

Maik Salzmann Illerup I Griffniete auf 350 mLMaik Salzmann Illerup I nah auf 350 mL

Illerup I

Made after the bog offerings of Illerup, Denmark, 2nd century AD. Blade and handle shape like the original, but with Ricasso and modified guard. The tang is wedged in the handle with wool fibres and cold riveted at the end plate. No glue. Sits absolutely tight. 300 layers of cold work steels in wild pattern, bronce, oak handle from old barn beam. Total length:  290 mm, blade 180 mm.




Illerup II

Blade made of 90MnCrV8  and X45NiCrMo4, wild roses pattern, bog oak handle. Bronze parts  patinated for a used look. Designed closely (except damascus steel)  after the bog offerings of Illerup Adal, Denmark, 2nd century AD. Custom made for a friend of mine.

Blade riveted to handle, no glue. Tight fit, no gaps, no loose parts.

Maik Salzmann Illerup II custom auf 350 mL

Maik Salzmann Illerup II backside auf 350 mLMaik Salzmann Illerup II front auf 350 mLMaik Salzmann Illerup II rivet auf 350 mL



Maik Salzmann slim auf 350 mL


Can not get much thinner. Damascus steel made from current  Gränsfors axe steel cut offs, old edge steel for axes and swedish  railroad rail steel pieces. Finger guard made of flat copper wire  salvaged from high power line scrap. I enjoy making knives from material that was discarded in an other application.



Mokume Gane plate II

Copper/brass Mokume Gane, 11x11 cm, tempering patina

Maik Salzmann Mokume Gane Schale II auf 350 mL









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