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Tea bowl #7 auf 350 mL

tea bowl #7

Red firing clay, bought Temmoku iron oxide glazing. Fits good in my hand, my favourite so far. I am quite happy with the proportions, plus it is very thin.

The bought Temmoku glazing is not very pretty, even when put on 3 times. Have to make my own, someday.



tea bowl #6

Same red clay with bought white glazing. I dusted some black iron oxide on before firing to avoid a clinic white look.

No clinic look at all, more like used for some days. Came out of the kiln  like that. I like it, adds some life. Dried to irregluar shape, maybe  because being thin walled.

Maik Salzmann tea bowl #6 auf 350 mL



Maik Salzmann old favourites auf 350 mL

old favourites

Another bowl and my favourite beaker. Fits perfectly to my hand and fingers though next one will be bigger. White clay with bought  glazings, outside one with copper oxide.



bent beaker

Maik Salzmann bent beaker auf 350 mL



Maik Salzmann soup bowl auf 350 mL

soup bowl

Too big to be called tea bowl, good for dinner.






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